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Our Mission

To bring direct to you our customers at home, workplace or wherever you may be, a vast range of quality innovative branded products and services at a fast and efficient pace, helping you meet that inexplicable satisfaction youtarn for in abundance, in the things you wanted, wish for and have purchased.

Our Specialty is Mass producing total Advertisement Campaign Material. We do Sunboard Flanges(screen printed), Flex Boards (frontlit and Backlit), Acrylic Boards / sunboards with Vinyl pasted Solvent printing or direct UV printing. All kinds of printing Offset printing, screen printing, Leaf printing, pad printing, Flex/solevnt printing, display boards of all type (backlit and front lit), printed sunboards, gift articles, keyrings etc. Our speciality is for Telecom/mobile companies. Also Laser engraving. We can make any print material or gift item as per your picture, specifications, drawing, samples or Budget.



Together we will make an Indelible mark in your Respective Businesses.


That will catapult your clientele and maintain their loyal patronage.


Our clients don’t spend on displays..... They invest it.!


Working Relentlessly For MNC’s & Corporates.

Helping Them Reach The Grassroots.



Featured Sign Boards
Self Standing Display
Self Standing Display

We are a leading manufacturer of Self Standing Double Sided Display Boards. The self-standing display may have support panels with a straight or flat base in which case it forms a stationery display or it may have side support panels with a curved bottom edge in which case it forms a display which can be rocked back and forth to enhance the display of animated or other specialized images.


* Giant Display Size
* Designed for Indoor & Outdoor use (not stand upto strong winds)
* Single or double side use.
* Telescopic poles for adjustable height.
* Water or sand filled base.

Product Detail
Backlit Display
Backlit Display

We are the leading manufacturer of Slim Backlit Flip which can be availed at competitive prices.

Some of the salient features are:

* Easy to change graphics
* Customised sizes very popular in malls. Showrooms, restaurants.
* Generally used indoors.
* Very slim – just 2.5 inches
* Normal Flourescent lights (So easy to maintain)
* Economical
* Made with aluminium so very long life.
* Almost 5 to 8 Years Life.

Product Detail
Paper Bags
Paper Bags
Product Detail
Trivision display
Trivision display
A Tri-Vision display is a sign that displays 3-messages in the space of just one. Our sign has three (TRI) sides for you to view (VISION). We utilize turning triangles to achieve this look. You just add your creative copy to our 3-message display and you can be sure to catch the eye of your customer more than once. They are available in different sizes and can turn both horizontally and vertically. The secret is motion. Any kind of motion will catch someone’s attention naturally. When you apply motion to your creative images, your message is sure to get noticed.
Product Detail
 Tin Boards
Tin Boards
Product Detail

Things you do

  • For day and night display
  • Easy to install everyday
  • Good for the places where space is limited

Size:- 15' x 15" and 12' x 18'

Product Detail
PCO Hutch Flange
PCO Hutch Flange
Product Detail


Interlabs Has is a Supplier and manufacturers of all kinds of glow sign boards for corporates with installation like flex glow sign boards , sign boards , acrylic sign boards , display sign boards . These glow sign boards are used for out door branding and for promotion purpose .glow sign board are important tool of branding in market now . glow sign boards are concidered and essential tool of marketing .these glow sign boards are used for display and branding purpose then act as a front end for the brand , it act as a visibility tool in the market . glow sign boards work both in day and night .

Types of glow sign boards ;-

Flex printed glow sign boards,
Digital printed glowsign boards
ACP glow sign boards
Plastic letter glow sign boards
Sign boards
Glow sign boards with acrylic letters
Glow sign boards with steel letters
Digital trans lites
Slim glow sign boards
Edge lite boards
All types of glow signs , sign boards , flex boards , signage boards , dealer boards , digital signs , non lit flex boards , frontlit boards , back lit boards , lit boards , steel signs , flex banners , metal signs , shop boards , boards , promotional boards , add boards , glow sign boards , electronic sign boards , display boards , display sign boards are manufactured and supplied by many companies like thecatlysts.

Interlabs Has deals in many type of signages. We have many products in signage like :- digital signage , interactive digital signage , dual side touchscreen signage , signage plates ss, stainless steel signage , floor signage, acrylic signage , snap frame slim signage , blow moulded signage , oval signage , plactic signage , injection moulded signage , clipon signage , aluminium frame signage , stand signage , mould signage , table top signage , sign holder , hotel signage , road signage , traffic signage , reflective signage , outdoor signage , security signage , hospital signage ,warning signage , factory signage , fire signage , designer signage , double signage , shelf signage , shelf talkers , illuminated signage , display signage, branding signage , shop signage , led signage , bank signage , ABS plastic signage frame , moulded signage letters , blow moulded signage , stainless steel letters , led ultra thin signage , retro reflective signage , indoor signage systems , advertising signage , signage boards , cautionary signages , led signage , 3d signage , custom signage , Moulded ABS Plastic Office Section Signage , polyons signage , entrance signage , petro signage , signage suppliers , subway light box , subway signages , buliding signages , vaccum forming signages , led bus signages , store signages , super market signages , price signages , sunboard signages , electronic signage , neon signage , smd signage , acrylic road signage , Monoliths & Pylons Signage , Dimensional Signage , Facade Signages , Outdoor LED signage, Diamond Shaped Signage , Exhibit - Signage , pop signage , Head Signages , Photoluminescent Fire Signages , warning signages , directional signage , el signage , Road Traffic street safety sign and signage , Airport Infrastructure Signage and Displays, Electronic Displays , Stainless Steel Signage Board , Glowing warning signage , led channel signage , Overhead Gantry Signage , Signage Letters , Interactive Signage , KIOSK Signage , Photoluminescent instruction Signages , Photo-luminescent Signage (Glow-in-Dark) , night glow , niteglow , Transit and bus lane signage , construction signs, signages, stainless steel signs, brand signs, Floor Loading Plan Signages , conference signage ,Photoluminescent Safety Egress Signage ,Directional Signages ,highway guidance signages ,INTERNAL DOOR & WALL SIGNAGE , parking signages ,mandatory signages , backlit signage , frontlit signage , nonlit signage , flex signage , vinyl signage , hoarding signage , signage media ,advertising signages , signboards , flex signage , floor signage, danger signage , electronic signage , Advertising Signage Equipment , 3D Stainless Steel Signage , Vinyl Alphabets Signages ,Totem And Signage , solar signage ,Animated Electroluminiscent Signage , APT Signage ,Metal Signages , brass signage , roof top signage , Light boxes & Signage , inshop signage , pop signage , NO SMOKING SIGNAGE , acp signage , woden signage , letter cutting signage , corporate signage , logos , 3d logos , monograms , reception signage , trade show signage , mall signage , hospital directional signs , building floor signage
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