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Emergency Exit Signs
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Emergency Exit Signs

Beautifully engraved or laser cut signage’s in acrylic, long life and very low energy consuming even is used round the clock and with almost no heating problem. Electronic self lit signage that light up and show exit directions when there is a Power cut or in Emergencies.

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Emergency Lights / Ascent Lights
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Emergency Lights / Ascent Lights

Our LED based Emergency lights are complete in all aspects . They charge on their own and as soon as the mains lights go they get into action. The only kind of lighting system that give you more than 10 hours of Un-interrupted Lighting . A perfect solution in areas where there is no power for more than 6 hours per day most of the time.

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Emergency Moon Light System
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Emergency Moon Light System

Indoor lights that will light up the room enough for all kind of internal movements without you prowling in the dark with more than 24 hr of backup on a single charge.

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Exchange Rate Displays
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Exchange Rate Displays

Attractive instant information display that keeps your client well informed and aware of the latest rates of your various products/schemes etc. without having to ask at the counter.

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Garden Bollard Lights
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Garden Bollard Lights

The perfect power saving solution for Hotel / Restaurant / Bungalow / Schools / Colleges / Large Companies where the monthly billing for power itself goes in thousands.

Our lamps not only enhance the looks of your fittings but also give you peace of mind from regular high costs in maintenance of your lighting fittings.

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Glow Sign Timers
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Glow Sign Timers

Used for All Signage’s etc. consuming upto 5 amps They can be connected to this timer to set and shut off external equipment in your office/shop too.

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Corporate Tower Clocks
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Corporate Tower Clocks

You have a large organization that deals in different products , yourll ar ewell known but not easily rembered so u have to do a lot of social activities for good PR . All you want to create a goodwill in the market without making it obvious , So we have another perfect solution with 100 % recall value and even if people don’t want it they cany help it . as your branding is just below the clock.

We MFG. in Large sizes from 18” to 24” & Larger depending on the visible distance u want it to be seen from. The format can be in a HH:MM and HH:MM:SS used to show time to a large audience in places like Factories / Main Chowks/ Building Tops and also the best medium to create Good Will (PR) with high recall value. High intensity led with very high visibility can be seen from more than 1500 feet. Another Advantage our larger systems can be controlled with a remote so eliminating a lot of hassels just in case u want to make changes in the time or the 12:24 hrs format.

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Ding Dong Displays
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Ding Dong Displays

These are the plain form of the voice based display but will instead give a loud ding dong bell when operated .these also come in various models and can be built from 2 digits upto 8 digits or more as per the need. Here we have add a few special features like we can also operate a number of display units from a single base /input unit or can have a lot of base units showing all the matter on a single display placed in a central location.

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Directional Indicators
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Directional Indicators

It is especially used in basements and parking places where the light is not proper, to display sign boards and messages.

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Docter/Nurse Calling System
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Docter/nurse Calling System

This is a unique microcontroller based emergency system that can increase the service quality in all hospitals where a patient can communicate with the hospital system and in Emergencies & CEO’s can monitor of efficiencies in their Org. The larger the hospital the more number of patients it will have to handle and so will have a lot of rooms. And in such a condition taking total care of all its patients becomes a complex operation and in a crises/critical stage attending to a patient can becomes a question of life and death with every second lost. To bring to the attention of a nurseing staff a emergency situation this is the best solution which has total control and one can even upload all the call data to the PC too.

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Bus/Car Route No. Displays
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Bus/car Route No. Displays

A totally public friendly concept to users of all public services where traveling in the dark is very difficult. Our displays help commuters identify the bus/car from a distance without having to rush towards every bus that approaches the stop. A good PR medium for advertisers as it helps get milage out of it while also doing a good deed.

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Conference Count Down Timers
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Conference Count Down Timers

Every Lecturer/Speakers blessing in Disguise they are happy that they can speak in the said time without getting carried away and miss out on any important points.

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In Shop Scrolling Displays
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In Shop Scrolling Displays

Large Places Need Large Displays but in todays market situation where every sq. ft. is necessary which can add to your kitty by giving u additional revenue for another brand. Our displays attract and also give a endless length of information.

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In Shop Promotion Clocks
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In Shop Promotion Clocks

Come in sizes of ˝” / 1” / 2” / 4” very small and portable best used in all shops/ offices/ showrooms/ malls/security gates etc .Small digital displays best for executives to show time for early morning wake ups without having to put the lights on and disturbing every one in the house, we have also provided space for the clients/sponsor advertisements.

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Lobby Displays
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Lobby Displays

Information displays that can show the data / schedules of the day TO ALL THE guests visiting your organization. Which is directly linked from a PC and changes the message after the pre set time set to depending on the next event in tour Hotel etc. This replacing the presto/pin boards totally.

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